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Direct mail can be a great strategy for reaching a targeted segment of your audience and educating them about your brand and its products and services. It is an effective way of building brand awareness and driving qualified leads to your business. If you are looking at starting direct mail campaigns or want some ideas on how to improve your current campaigns, here are a few tips to make your direct mail marketing more effective.

Perfect your list

The “spray and pray” approach to marketing is long gone, so you need to make sure that you are sending your direct mail campaign to a highly targeted list of people. Come up with a customer profile of who you want to target, and then formulate a list of people or businesses that match these criteria. You can source this list through your own research or by using a list broker. This can help you save time in gathering your list, but make sure you use a reputable source, as there are many websites offering lists full of false information.

Quality materials

The materials you send out in your mailer should be top quality, in order to reflect the quality of your brand and the product or service it offers. Use a print service with a good reputation to print and perhaps design all of your materials to go into the campaign. An attractive design printed on quality paper will give off a good impression about your business to those who receive your mailer.

Branded materials

Using envelopes and letterheads branded with your company name and logo is an impressive touch to add to your direct mail campaigns. This gives the impression that you are a well-established and professional business that puts a lot of care and attention into what you do. This reflects well on your business, giving a positive impression to your recipients.

Effective copy

Whether it’s a sales brochure, letter, or leaflet, make sure that your copy is written in an effective and persuasive way. Focus on the benefits to the customer, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative. If no one on your team is confident in their writing ability, consider outsourcing this aspect of your direct mail campaign to a professional.

Promotional products

Along with the information you are sending out via a letter, brochure, or flyer, it’s a good idea to include something extra that can be kept and used by the recipient. If you include a branded promotional product such as a pen, a fridge magnet, or a USB stick, the recipient is likely to keep and perhaps even use it, even if they throw everything else away. This means your brand name stays around their house or office, so they can be reminded of your company every time they see or use it. Adding these into the mailer will also give the envelope a more interesting, lumpy shape, making your recipients curious about what is inside and, therefore, more likely to open it.

Focus on these areas when implementing your next direct mail campaign to have an impact on more of your recipients.