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According to a survey conducted by NewsCred, stats show that about 57% of B2B marketers admit that SEO has the largest impact on lead generation.

Search engine optimization is one of the toughest tasks for any marketer, especially for the novice. Implementing SEO by itself is not that complicated; the challenge is in the frequent updates from search engines and making sense of it all. Enter SEO analytics. Did you know that data visualization can improve your SEO tactics?

How can SEO benefit from data visualization? Find out below. 

Keep up with the trends

While data is always available, it can be very intimidating if you have no proper way of manipulating it into meaningful information. Data visualization programs with the right set of data can show you where campaigns are heading and what you need to do to improve your SEO.

Variables isolation

One of the major issues in SEO analysis has always been isolating precise variables. Your traffic may be increasing tremendously, which is all well and good. But what exactly attributes to that?

With SEO there is no second-guessing. You have to be sure which strategy is working and which one is not. You need to know if it’s the new link you just added or if it’s just a strange fluctuation of user behavior. With data visualization programs at your disposal, you can easily see how the independent variables are related to the results you are witnessing. No more trial and error for your SEO, data visualization is the solution.


It is quite clear that interactivity is good for SEO analysis. Well, data visualization certainly demands a given extent of interactivity. A good example is one that allows the analysts to customize the visual plot. With this important feature, the analyst gets a chance to remove or add variables and filters to see how the visual will respond in real time.

With room to experiment with data, you get clearer and greater insights on what your SEO really needs.

Assessment tool

It would be useless to spend more resources on something that has no positive effect on your business. With data visualization, you can assess how effective your SEO process is, and how it is improving your business. You can alter search terms in order to keep up with ever-changing market trends, including search engine algorithms.

You can never sideline SEO, no matter how challenging it proves to be. If you aren’t up to speed with data visualization, it is time you shifted gears. Companies need working SEO tactics to thrive online.