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It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one. - Unknown

Negative customer relationships will destroy your chance at business success.  Creating and maintaining positive customer relationships is an imperative part of your overall business strategy.

Make customers a key priority in your business to increase retention, referrals, and sales.  Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool used by many businesses to create and nurture relationships with new and existing customers. This communication solution gives you the ability to stay in contact with your customers from the beginning of the sales cycle to the end.

Here are six questions you need answered prior to choosing a CRM software

Is it easy to implement?

Implementation of new technology or software is a daunting task for many businesses. If you have a dedicated IT team, this may not be an issue for your business.  If you are a smaller business that handles IT in-house, it is important that you look for a CRM that offers a cloud-based or SaaS (Software as a Service) system.  

You can access a SaaS system with just an Internet connection. Costs are significantly lower with no hardware to purchase or need for an on-site IT department.

Can you try it first?

How can you invest in software that you haven’t had a chance to test? Request a demo of any CRM software that you are considering, and include your team in that meeting.  Including team members lets them see how the CRM benefits your business and their job.

Will it grow with you?

The goal of a business is to grow while increasing profits. Be certain when choosing a CRM that it can handle your current client base and an increase in future clients.

Will it solve your problem?

Businesses that shop for new software is typically looking for a solution to an ongoing problem. Identify what the problem is before you start looking at CRM options. Make that problem the starting point for each conversation with potential vendors.  You will be able to move quickly to the next option if their product doesn’t offer a solution.

Where is it accessible?

With remote employee positions on the rise, it is important to choose a CRM that's accessible anywhere. Employees will be able to access the CRM from home, mobile devices, and the office if you choose cloud-based software.

Does it offer reporting?

The proof is in the numbers. Reporting and tracking are vital to your marketing strategy. Good CRM software will offer reporting features that track new leads, sales, referrals and lost clients. This information lets you see what is and is not working in your marketing strategy.

Create and maintain powerful relationships with new and existing clients by purchasing CRM software. Take charge of the conversation with vendors by asking these six questions. The answers will help with choosing a CRM software that's a perfect fit for your business.