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The world is becoming increasingly more digital, prompting many to claim that “print is dead.” Consumers are spending more time online interacting with brands, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a place for print marketing. Just a few years ago, print was still considered valuable amongst consumers, with 56% of those surveyed admitting that they trust print more than any other form of advertising.

It can sometimes be difficult to see the value of what’s now considered an old-fashioned medium, especially when you see people with their heads buried in their smartphones everywhere you go. But, many brands are still using print marketing in a very successful way.

If you’re not convinced of the power of print, here are a few reasons why print marketing still works in today’s digital age


In the world of smartphones, tablets and e-readers, there is still something satisfying about holding printed information in your hand. (Maybe even more so in this digital age.) We are so used to reading things off of a screen that paper has almost become a novelty. The roles have reversed – we constantly receive emails that we simply ignore, but a letter through the door is more likely to catch our attention.


Have you ever seen something online and wanted to go back to it at a later date, but you couldn’t remember where you saw it or how to find it? Bookmarking and other tools can help, but we don’t always think to do this. Yet, if we buy a magazine or receive a leaflet through the door with an exciting offer, we are more likely to keep it in the house to use at a later date. We pin coupons up on corkboards or on the fridge. Even if we don’t end up using them, they are still present in the house, reminding us of the brand.


The digital world can be seen as very distracting, and the digital consumer is often a distracted one. It’s common for us to be watching TV while browsing the Internet with several tabs open on our laptops, and messaging a friend on our smartphones. When we read a poster, leaflet or magazine, we are much more focused on the message, making it easier to get across.

We’re not saying you should abandon the digital world altogether in favor of print marketing. Obviously, digital is still a must for modern brands. The biggest potential lies in effectively combining your print and digital marketing strategies. By doing this, brands can reach an even wider audience and also give more control to customers by allowing them to interact with the brand in the way that they prefer. You can choose to add QR codes to your print materials so your audience can easily go online to find out more, or provide links to your social media accounts.

To gain more trust among your customers and raise brand awareness, print can still be a very viable part of your marketing mix.