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If you sell products on Amazon, you will face the same problems that any ecommerce website does – getting your products found and getting people to buy. Businesses spend a lot of time perfecting their website content to improve their conversion rates and SEO. You should be doing exactly the same for your Amazon listings.

Amazon has a search function, although their algorithms aren’t quite as complicated as Google’s. Your listing needs to be optimized to allow people to discover it when they search for related keywords. Once they find your product listing, the content of the page could be a big determining factor in whether they buy or not.

What to optimize on your Amazon listings


The title of your listing needs to be clear and descriptive, letting people know exactly what the product is. Don’t be too vague with your title. You should add as much relevant detail as you can, such as the color, size, model, etc. Think about the keywords people will use when searching for specific products and include them. Don’t just stuff your title with keywords.


Make sure you tag your listing with relevant and specific categories and sub categories. This makes them easier for people to find while they browse through the categories listed on Amazon.


Make sure your description of the item is clear and that it is as detailed and descriptive as possible. Using bullet points is a good way to get the important information across quickly. Make sure to include all of the important keywords as well.


Customers are unlikely to buy a product if its listing doesn’t show any images. People want to know what something looks like before they decide whether or not to buy it. Include as many images as you can of different angles and parts of the product to give the whole picture. These images should be high quality to reflect the quality of the product. Amazon’s guidelines for images require that images are 1,000 pixels or greater, contain no watermarks, and that at least 85% of the image contains the product itself.


The price of your product will also play a big factor in whether or not people buy. The price of your product will obviously depend on a number of factors, but pricing too high or even too low could mean fewer sales. You can also use sale pricing on Amazon to entice people to buy.

Search terms

Amazon also allows you to allocate additional search terms to your listing by visiting the Keywords tab in your Edit menu. List keywords and phrases that people might search for to find your product, but that aren’t featured in your title or description on your product page.

If you’re struggling to convert enough customers with your Amazon listings, try making some tweaks based on the advice here. Do you sell products on Amazon or other online marketplaces? What are your best tips for optimizing product listings?