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“39% of consumers who made purchases in-store read reviews prior to purchase, compared to 54% of online purchasers.”  bazaarvoice.com

It is no secret that online reviews hold a great deal of power. Many customers utilize this information to make the decision to purchase or not purchase. Websites like Yelp, Google, Manta and Facebook give users the option to easily leave their feedback for the world to read.

Quick response is the best way to repair any damage caused by negative reviews. The number of feedback websites and social media platforms make the process overwhelming for businesses.

How can you keep up with the online world of reviews and still maintain your other daily responsibilities? Online review management software tracks the review portion of your online presence. Here are the key benefits of online review management software:

Saves you time

Your time is valuable. It’s not possible to add more hours to your day unless you want to work more. More than likely you don’t. Successful review management requires commitment and time. The software automatically explores review websites daily. When a new review is found, the software notifies you via e-mail.

Saves you money

Software that saves you time also saves you money. Many companies employ individuals in their marketing departments to manage this one task. The software allows companies to use employees for other essential tasks and reduce payroll expense.

Improves reputation

Fast response is imperative in successful online review management. Negative reviews with no response lead readers to think that you don’t care. Implementing software that notifies you daily allows you to respond quickly. Make sure your response is well-crafted and offers a solution to the problem or negative experience. Readers and potential customers view businesses that respond quickly and professionally in a more positive way.

Increases sales

Negative reviews with no response cost you money. Negative reviews with a positive response and effort to amend the situation increase sales. Buyers are more willing to purchase from you when they see an effort made. Effort means that you care about the customer experience and actively take steps to make it positive for future customers.

Increased positive reviews

Some software options double as a customer relationship manager. These companies store customer information and data. Utilize this service to request reviews of your business. Publish these reviews on your website. Don’t publish these reviews on websites like Google or Yelp. And publishing on behalf of others is against rules and regulations.

Online review management software provides many benefits to businesses. This software streamlines the entire process. Research and review the possibilities before choosing the software that is best for you. In the end, with regular use, your positive reputation and sales will increase.