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Sometimes the world of martech can feel like Neverland. It's full of wonder and mystery. Other times the world of martech can feel like the Swamp of Sadness in the Neverending Story. It's endless and trying its damnedest to swallow you whole. Randy Frisch is here with some resources to help you navigate the crazy world of martech. Don't worry, you won't need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way out.

Who Should Read This Article

Anyone in marketing should give this one a read to make sure they're on top of their martech game. It is the future, after all.

What You Will Learn

This article provides five resources to help you stay on top of martech, including:

  • Company review sites
  • Service integration partners
  • Marketplaces
And more!

Take Away

Martech isn't nearly as overwhelming when you look to the right resources. Is martech overwhelming you? What's confusing you most?