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As the martech landscape continues to evolve at a breakneck speed, finding the right marketing technology talent could arguably be the biggest martech challenge companies face right now. Amy Gesenhues
If we are honest recruiting talent is never easy, for any job. But when you add in the ever changing landscape of martech, Gesenhues is right. It becomes so much harder. And now many businesses are adding in new martech roles to keep up with the pace of change. So how can companies find the right martech talent? Amy Gesenhues spoke with MarTech Recruiter Erica Seidel & Healthgrades SVP Jay Wilson to see how they go about finding the needle in the martech haystack.

Who Should Read This Article

If you are considering adding a martech role in your business but are uncertain on where to start then check out this article.

What You Will Learn

Gesenhues speaks to some of the best in the business to get their view on the changing landscape and recruiting new talent. They answer questions on:

  • Where do you think we are in the evolution of the marketing technologist role?
  • What would you list as the primary benefit of having a marketing technologist leader within your organization?
  • Who within a company — or within a company’s marketing organization — should be involved with creating and hiring a marketing technologist role?
and more!

Take Away

We are entering a new era for businesses, one where marketing technology leaders will become the new normal. Knowing how to find the right talent will help companies ensure long term success with their new recruits. Do you have a marketing technology role in your business? How did you go recruiting for this role?