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Martech and adtech are arguably two techtics marketers can't live without. But that isn't the debate going on in the industry. No, that ship has sailed, and been replaced by a completely new debate. One that asked the question, "Are martech and adtech distinct or just two sides of the same coin?" Experts everywhere share differing opinions on the topic, but Sushman Biswas argues that while distinct, the two need to come together. Check out this article to find out why.

Who Should Read This Article

Anyone curious about martech and adtech and if they are distinct or the same would benefit from checking out this article.

What You Will Learn

Biswas shares his insights on martech and adtech before diving into the debate mentioned above. During this deep dive, he lays out whether or not the two technologies are two sides of the same coin or just a marriage of convenience. Finally, he shares opinions from other experts including Adam Berke, CMO at AdRoll and Giovani Strocchi, CEO at ADMantX.

Take Away

Regardless of how you feel about adtech and martech one things remains the same, to create a better customer experience using one or both technologies. Do you think adtech and martech are two sides of the same coin? Share your thoughts with us.