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"People currently spend 70 percent of their time online browsing the open web, outside of social media and search platforms. But marketers currently spend more than 75 percent of their digital media budgets on social media and search, with analysts reading that figure at 100 percent for 2017." This article from Jag Duggal examines what advertisers are missing by not dividing their ad campaign budgets up more.

Who Should Read This Article

Marketers, it looks like all of you need to read this and revisit those budgets.

What You Will Learn

This article will examine social media advertising and question why advertisers seem to think of it as the whole picture of digital advertising. Then it will look at other ways to reach new potential customers outside of search advertising. Finally, it will give ideas on how to improve you digital ad budgets.

Take Away

Make sure you don't have blinders on when it comes to your digital advertising budget. Where else do you think you should focus your digital advertising efforts on?