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As marketers, we get a lot of emails every day sharing information on the next "biggest" thing in tech. And let's face it, with millions of options to choose from it's easy to get SaaS fatigue. This fatigue gets worse when providers start throwing words like content, social media and data into the mix. So what can you do to stay focused enough to create a  successful martech stack? CMO Charlie Riley shares his insights on the topic in this article found on Forbes.

Who Should Read This Article

Are you planning to build a martech stack or add new tech to the one you already have? If you answered yes then you need to check out this article.

What You Will Learn

Riley explains what a martech stack is, then goes in-depth into all the steps needed to choose the right one for your businesses. Some of the steps Riley shares his insights on include:

  • Start at the foundation.
  • Determine a budget.
  • Think about what you need.
  • Develop a complete picture.

Take Away

The easiest way to avoid SaaS fatigue when building your stack is to think strategically and follow Riley's tips. This will ensure you stay focused and create the best martech stack for your business. Do you have a martech stack? What tips and tricks did you use during the building stage?