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selected as one of 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech - 2018.

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Women in Martech

To kick off our Women in Martech Series, and to be considered one of 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech - 2018, we asked women to provide their thoughts in three areas: Career, Martech in Practice and Women in Martech.

Women in Martech is a weekly series, beginning in January 2018, based on the thoughts, advice and opinions of real women about marketing and marketing technology.

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Here’s what Julie had to say!

What keeps you motivated in your day-to-day role?

The exciting thing about this industry is that we are creating it. What many people forget is that the martech field is still in a nascent stage. While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has existed for decades, the tools and technologies for managing it are changing with advancements, such as the cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, new channels of distribution and networks, and with the imagination of technologists and marketers who want to do things differently.

My favorite part of my job as a marketer is reinvention. I love approaching each year with the goal of fundamentally rebuilding and rewiring old systems that have outgrown their effectiveness.

Martech is reinvention on steroids, because it gives us the chance to imagine the possible and then build it. I’ve worked in mature industries before — They provide opportunities for reinvention too. But, the motivating aspect about martech is that we can paint a truly blank canvas to bring marketers closer to solving customer problems.

What are the most common misconceptions about martech?

I came to martech from CPG and media. Most people think of martech as technology, but I really look at it as enablement.

Technology is a means to an end. Enablement is about that end in mind.

What are marketers trying to accomplish?

What do they really need?

How can we help them get closer to their customers?

By approaching martech from the lens of the marketer, I care more about the goal than the technology. I’m constantly pushing for how we communicate things in plain English, telling a story that anyone can understand.

The engineers and programmers are the geniuses that make our offerings possible, but we still need people that can tell simple stories about how marketers use our solutions to delight consumers and inspire purchases.

What can women in martech do as a community to support one another?

Women need female role models and mentors. I’m a huge believer in “you need to see it to be it.”

I am on the Board of She Runs It, which paves the way for more women to lead at all levels in marketing and media. We know how important mentorship, a robust network and training can be to help develop women to their full potential.

Women at senior levels in martech need to recognize the role we all play in developing that next generation.

  • We need to be connectors — helping others grow and develop.
  • We need to be public thought leaders — demonstrating through our visibility that this is a career path where women flourish. And,
  • We need to be vocal about changing the ratio in our industry — there are more women leaders in martech than many people recognize. Together, we are a force!

Other challenges

We are clearly in the midst of a consolidation in martech and adtech. The LUMAscape is starting its inevitable contraction and venture funding is getting pickier.

As the market matures, valuations become more realistic, marketers grow more sophisticated with their approach to technology and stacks, and marketers are held to greater levels of accountability, the room for “test and learn” will shrink. 2018 will be a year where all of our industry will be held to higher standards. Which, in the end, is a good thing.

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