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Blockchain marketing technology is making a name for itself with its very own landscape. It's still early in this evolution, but it's important for martech companies to develop a strategy. Jeremy Epstein shares how this might affect the martech landscape and why you need to understand blockchain marketing technology.

Who Should Read This Article

If you are an entrepreneur or investor with an understanding or focus on marketing you'll want to read about this opportunity. And if you're a martech company you'll for sure want to understand this evolution.

What You Will Learn

Epstein shares the vast opportunities the first-ever blockchain marketing technology landscape represents and things you need to know:

  • Blockchain martech is already underway
  • Blockchain martech will mirror traditional martech growth
  • Understanding blockchain martech

Take Away

Blockchain marketing technology is a space that needs to be watched carefully. There is a good chance this evolution could have an affect on marketing technology, what are you doing to prepare?