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Dennis Kelly is a featured contributor to April Tools: Hacking the Martech Landscape.

Here's the complete contribution:

Send an automated thank-you letter from the CEO/Owner of your company each time you sign up a new client.

Clients aren't accustomed to getting thank-you letters.

You can use this quick hack to stand out from the crowd and ring up more add-on sales and gain higher loyalty. Just sign up for any of the free direct mail automation services, you'll only pay for what you send ($1.30 per letter all-in).

Set up your letter campaign and connect it to your CRM via Zapier, the free workflow integration tool. Finally, create a Zap (a Zapier workflow) that triggers the letter to go out each time a prospect becomes a customer.

The whole process takes 30 minutes and will run in the background as you convert prospects to customers.

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