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According to B2B International, 54% of B2B marketers said making customers more loyal was a leading business challenge, a 10% increase from the previous year.

Customer loyalty is a vital part of long-term business success. Loyal customers make repeat purchases, refer other quality businesses, and talk about their positive experiences openly. Businesses that focus more on creating loyal customers over acquiring new customers experience higher sales and lower acquisition expenses. A number of businesses implement customer programs to boost loyalty. These are a great step, but not always worth the investment depending on the business size or industry.

Go for organic

Creating loyal customers doesn’t require a customer loyalty program. Businesses can successfully achieve customer loyalty through multiple organic tactics. Organic tactics require no additional marketing expenses. They do require culture and operational changes in some scenarios. Utilizing these tactics increases customer loyalty organically without breaking the bank, giving you a better return on investment.


Customer service.

Educate and train your employees to deliver exceptional customer service every time they answer the phone or e-mails. If employees feel important, valued, and enjoy their conversations, they are more likely to continue their relationship with you. Encourage positivity among employees by acknowledging team members that go above and beyond to deliver a positive experience.

Stop sending generic e-mail messages to your customers.

Personalize every e-mail to show customers you really see them and know what their needs or wants are.

Develop relationships

Take time to talk to your customers personally. Ask questions about their business, struggles, successes, and needs. They will appreciate your time and will be more likely to feel like you want to partner with you to gain success.

Deliver what you promise

Deliver products, projects, or services on time. Make sure the end result is what you promised and guide them through implementation if necessary.

Follow up

Touch base with them after their purchase. Make sure they are still happy with the decision, answer questions, and help with any setbacks that occurred.

Listen to customers

Customers want to feel like they are heard, and that their input is valuable. Take time to actively listen to their feedback and tell them what you will do to utilize it and make improvements in the future.

Show gratitude

Be grateful for their business and tell them you are.

Ask for it

They may not realize you want to continue working with them. Be direct and intentional by asking them for their continued business. Ask them to call you for future needs or check in occasionally to see if they need your products or services.

Be real. Be honest

Don’t hide your true personality. Be real in your communication via e-mail, phone, or online. Customers want to feel like they really know you. Once they do their trust increases in your business.

Businesses with loyal customers make more money and have high brand awareness and a high customer retention rate. Create loyal customers with these nine tactics that don’t require a loyalty program.