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Average e-commerce conversion rates are commonly cited at less than 3 percent. That means the majority of your customers are leaving your site without buying from you. That's a lot of potential sales you're missing out on. Imagine how rich you'd be if that conversion rate was 90%.

Okay, that's an unrealistic goal for any brand. But, whatever the conversion rate on your e-commerce site, there is always room for improvement. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available online to help you improve these rates and drive more sales and higher profits.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are a few different methods for improving the conversion rate of your e-commerce store.

Email retargeting

Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem for e-commerce websites. One very effective way of handling this is by remarketing to these people via email. For example, you could send an email reminding them of the items they had in their cart, and suggesting similar products they might be interested in. You might even offer them a discount if they return to their carts.

Site use analysis

Discovering how visitors are using your site, what they are focusing on, clicking on, etc., can give insight into what is working well on your site and what needs improving. There are tools which track this activity for you. View heat maps of how people use your website so you can see which areas are getting the most attention and where users normally exit your site. 

Basic usability testing

Sometimes little errors can make a big difference to your conversion rates. Your customers can't buy a product if the link to it is broken! Rather than going through your entire site to check each individual link and button, there are tools available that can test links and other usability issues in a matter of seconds.

A/B testing

Certain tools allow you to run A/B testing on the pages of your website. You can use this to determine the design that converts as many customers as possible. You can run these tests on your home page or another landing page without needing any knowledge of coding.

Live chat

Often, visitors to your site will leave without converting because they are unsure about the product or have concerns about it. In a traditional store, the customers could just walk up to a member of staff and ask their questions. But, it’s not that simple online. By adding a live chat tool to your website, you could help to solve your customers’ problems and make them more likely to convert.

It's time to boost that e-commerce conversion rate! Figure out where your website needs improvements and start searching online for a tool that's right for you.