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Meaningful Relationship Moments (MRMs) is the brainchild of our wonderful friend, Hootsuite. With MRMs, Hootsuite wants to highlight the importance of engaging with consumers through social media. Tracking MRMs isn't like your typical sales metrics. And it goes beyond giving a simple "thank you" for a positive review. Read this article to learn how to bring MRMs into your social media marketing.

Who Should Read This Article

This an important read for any social media marketer.

What You Will Learn

This article will break down why building meaningful relationships is so important in social media marketing.

  • You can track engagement over time
  • You can define brand personality
  • You can identify your brand advocates
And more!

Take Away

Using MRMs can help you build that one-on-one relationship with consumers that makes brands trustworthy and lovable. What benefits do you see with MRMs?