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Time is of the essence to many individuals. This is especially true for Internet users – they want information instantly at their fingertips. Over the years, social media platforms like Facebook have satisfied these cravings. And they are doing it again. Facebook released Instant Articles to all publishers in April 2016 to respond to a need for faster access to information.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is a publishing platform that allows businesses to publish and share their articles with mobile users. Articles published in the platform load instantly on users’ mobile devices with no wait time to see the content.

Six advantages of the new Facebook feature that will strengthen your online marketing strategy.

Decreased abandonment rates

Since articles load up to ten times faster than other articles, abandonment rates are rapidly decreasing. Users are less likely to get frustrated with the wait time and move on to something else. Which means they are more likely to see your message in its entirety.

Increased engagement

Some businesses are reporting a 57% increase in link clicks. How would your businesses benefit from a 57% increase in website traffic? Since users are gaining access to your information instantly, they are actually reading your calls to action and taking action.

Monetizing is possible

Facebook predicted a bit of pushback from publishers and responded with the opportunity to generate revenue via the new platform. Publishers can sell and launch display ads, and they get to keep 100% of the earnings. To top it off, Facebook is only taking a 30% cut if ads are sold through the Facebook network.


New features like these often limit publishers in what they are able to customize. Facebook Instant Articles have taken a different approach, however – You have full control over how your article appears. You can choose colors or fonts and upload your own logo to display on the article. Even though the content is hosted on the Instant Article platform, it still looks like it’s yours.

Better consideration in newsfeed algorithm

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what shows up in users’ newsfeeds. Instant Articles are sure to get some extra attention and a better chance of being seen by your audience. This is especially important with their recent announcement saying more weight will be placed on friends and family updates than business posts.


Tracking analytics and data are a significant part of online marketing success. Facebook Instant Articles have integration capabilities with multiple tools including Google Analytics and ComScore. You can still track page visits, engagement rates, click-through ratios, and conversions.

What it means

Make sure your content gets seen on Facebook by publishing on the Facebook Instant Articles platform. Your audience will have a better user experience, and you will experience some of the benefits listed here.