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Michael Palmer is a featured contributor to Video Marketing and Advertising: Then, Now and the Incredibly Promising Future report.

Here's the complete contribution:

The significance of video content for marketing purposes has been growing rapidly over the past few years - it’s safe to say that it’s not going away – video is being watched on all devices and at any time of day. While so far, the trend has headed in the direction of portable devices (like phones or tablets), near future will see an increase of internet video on bigger screens, such as TVs and home cinemas, meaning the quality will have to meet (and surpass) the standards of the TV/film industry.

Since everyone will be advertising on video, in order to catch a viewer’s attention, a high level of narration and storytelling will be required. Very soon we can expect to see video marketing reach the same level of personalisation presently found in email as well as exciting interactive features and AR/VR technology. A future video could call the viewer by name, ask them if they’ve decided where to go on holiday, let them pick from options, show them around the selected location in VR and end the 30 second segment with an email subscription.

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