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Flynn Zaiger is a featured contributor to Video Marketing and Advertising: Then, Now and the Incredibly Promising Future report.

Here's the complete contribution:

The future of video will be seen as an act against the previous video trend of shortening everything, which culminated (and died) with Vine. People would look at younger generations and see nothing but ADHD and a lack of attention, but what they didn’t observe was that the best content was being watched for longer amounts of time. Most marketers got lazy and created shorter and shorter video, but the best content is lengthy and useful the entire time. Creative, interesting stories that demand the user’s attention for minutes, not seconds, will be the key to successfully using video advertising in upcoming years.

Google’s consumer insights studies indicate that lengthier videos can lead to more favorable brand impressions. Their research into how users view and later interact across a brand’s YouTube channel is essential to understanding the future consumer. Even as devices get smaller and attention spans seem shorter, those companies willing to take the time to make lengthy, engaging videos will see the benefits.

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