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Chris Clay Wilding is a featured contributor to Video Marketing and Advertising: Then, Now and the Incredibly Promising Future report.

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Video watch length will be shorter

Whether it be YouTube, or even movie length. People have ADD, whether prescribed or not and are typically not able to actually concentrate more then ’20 minutes’ on average. When it comes down to an advertising video, 3 minutes seem to be the key. I have tested video sale presentations ranging for 3.5 to 22 minutes, with the 3.5 minute converting highest (while doing lead generation).

Quality is going to out triumph quantity

The days of just making a video on your cell phone, throwing it online and continually uploading average content, are over. Clients and prospects are more skeptical and jaded in general. Everything must be top notch, to the point and congruent. If the sound is off, the framing of the picture , anything, you’ve already lost the trust of your prospect. In short, video ads will become more like short films. Artistic, well shot, with likeable characters and story lines. Ads will look less and less like ads.

What are some trends you can cite as indicators for your prediction on the future of video advertising?

  • Based on a study done by Lab 42, here are some stats that show the average consumers distrust in advertising:
  • 76% of respondents said ads in general were either "very exaggerated" or "somewhat exaggerated"
  • 87% think half or more cleaning ads are photoshopped
  • 96% think half or more weight loss ads are photoshopped.

The only way around this is to make ads feel more like content and less like advertising.

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