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Brendan Mark is a featured contributor to Video Marketing and Advertising: Then, Now and the Incredibly Promising Future report.

Here's the complete contribution:

The biggest advance in video advertising will be the ability to track concrete ROI metrics on video storytelling beyond the 30-second ad spots on YouTube and other VOD platforms. There’s such deeper storytelling and emotional engagement that occurs with longer form content, so it’s inevitable that good ROI metrics will support this content creation. Video as an advertising tool is an expensive investment for most businesses, especially small business, and an ROI of brand awareness (views) isn’t enough. The ability to accurately and easily track conversions from views on longer form content will be what everyone strives for in the next 5 years.

The biggest trend that supports stronger ROI metrics in video advertising is the level of investment in branded content creation. Every major brand right now has a content creation strategy as it’s an opportunity for them to own their audience. Traditional broadcast platforms are expensive, so leveraging the free platforms like YouTube and other social media sites is a smart investment. You see this trend everywhere, from Yeti Coolers with their bi-weekly Yeti Originals, to the Carmilla web series funded by Kotex. Like every business, brands need to justify the dollars they spend, so there’s no doubt that better ROI metrics and the tools to track that investment are on the horizon.

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