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Nate Masterson is a featured contributor to The Definitive Guide to Public Relations in a Shifting Media Landscape.

Here's the complete contribution:

I think that in the near future we will see an increase in the number of targeted pitches and campaigning on behalf of companies as big data has allowed businesses and governments to pinpoint the individuals who are relevant to their speech, advertisements or messages more effectively.

For instance, being able to determine who you’re marketing to rather than just the general public makes it easier to be more effective in terms of your results (ROI) and generate awareness at the very least regarding your campaign.

I also think that automated messaging software will make it easier to turn sales funnels into sales filters that can work 365, 24/7 on behalf of your company or client and allow people to get what they need from your business in a quick and effective way, thus making the end user experience much better and steamrolling the whole conversion process.

Potential customers or clients will be able to get the information they need regarding your business through an online portal that can sort them into a relevant category and notify you with their query or request based on their specific needs.

A quote, a complaint and a query can all be processed without much human interaction and once the client has been filtered accurately, they can be directed to a relevant department and addressed by an employee. This minimizes the need for traditional PR techniques, as technology will lend itself to enabling a DIY setting to the conversion process.

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