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Kate Lobel is a featured contributor to The Definitive Guide to Public Relations in a Shifting Media Landscape.

Here's the complete contribution:

Every day, the goals for PR campaigns are shifting. PR used to be siloed as a channel, but now it must be integrated with the full marketing strategy (especially digital) or else the client will see very little to no value in your efforts.

What do I mean by this?

PR historically has been measured by the number of placements, accurate messaging, number of impressions and the size of the placement. Today, CMOs are getting younger and younger and more in touch with the ability to measure through technology down the last dollar. I lost accounts not because I wasn’t securing great placements but because I wasn’t able to tie my placements down to the bottom line.

Once I moved to a digital agency, I was given the tools and varied coworker skillsets that allowed me to dive into Google Analytics and other platforms to help identify the success of individual placements.

Today, I’m able to identify which placement drove the most traffic, new visitors to the site, time on site and ultimately conversions. I can see which placements “assisted” in the last click conversion and how my effort was imperative to the sale because the customer journeyed through a paid ad on Google, then Facebook, then to my placement, the back through the direct channel to then convert.

If the PR industry can keep up with this digital wave, the profession will undeniably be reliant on technology. Some of this technology is not limited to but might include Google Analytics, SEMRush Majestic and MOZ to help publicists value their placements better and show a positive return on their time.

Some trends to cite include the creation and demand for a tool called coveragebook. This tool helps publicists clip placements quicker but also provide visibility into the domain authority and other site metrics important to the client outside of the top of the funnel metrics, like circulation.

Another trend I’m noticing is PR and SEO working much closer together. When speaking with others in the industry, I’m hearing that the two channels are starting to work hand in hand, elevating both of their efforts and identifying ways to leverage each other most efficiently.

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