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Frank Strong is a featured contributor to The Definitive Guide to Public Relations in a Shifting Media Landscape.

Here's the complete contribution:

Public relations is poised to have a much bigger impact on marketing and the overall business. This is because marketing has evolved away from hard selling features and benefits to a model of utility.

From content marketing to sponsored content — Marketing is increasingly looking to techniques like storytelling that are largely influenced by journalistic principles and editorial know-how.

Those are skills are traditionally rooted in the PR toolkit.

Too many technologies aim for scale when customers, indeed market conversations, seek personalization and those two ideas struggle to intersect. Sure, there are tools for personalization, but when those reach a mass market, everyone has them and it's no longer unique or different.

It's no longer enough to say "Dear [Name]" in a media pitch sent out through a database — That's the minimum barrier to entry.

It's really hard to scale personalization and I think a better purpose its focus on reducing friction elsewhere to free up time elsewhere for real people to put add a human touch. What I mean is, technology that succeeds in PR will focus on two areas:

  • Help PR pros better understand data to drive editorial focus
  • Or personalization and streamlining workflow

I have several clients that make enterprise software in very different vertical markets and it amazes me how unified they are one core concept: every touch costs the business money. Workflow removes touches efficiently.

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