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Bob Geller is a featured contributor to The Definitive Guide to Public Relations in a Shifting Media Landscape.

Here's the complete contribution:

It is difficult to ignore the growing role of technology in PR. Technology has already fundamentally changed the media landscape — Media businesses, publishing methods and journalist work routines. We expect this trend to continue and that it will influence how PR professionals work over the next three to five years, in the following ways:

News and content distribution — As journalists tap social media for sources and tips, the major newswires will play less of a role in news distribution. Savvy PR professionals will connect with journalists and share news on social media.

They will also leverage paid promotion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to expand the organic reach and target their content.

Content production — More of us are getting our news through social networks and the major platforms are influencing the types of content we consume. Visual content is becoming more important — PR teams will need to up their rich media games and employ technologies for video and audio production.

Owned media — Most PR people and brands by now are adopting some form of social media to communicate directly with key audiences. The trend will continue and the tools will improve — Technology for social listening and community management, for example.

AI will continue to evolve and will be used in many areas, e.g. to spot rising buzz, identify influencers and in general help us make sense (and act upon) of the ocean of online data.

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