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Scott Poniewaz is a featured contributor to Do Marketers Have Room For Traditional Print Media in the Digital Age?.

Here's the complete contribution:

While print media may be losing circulation, thoughtful marketers will use this medium to reach more niche audiences. You will see publishers expanding the opportunities for personalization of advertising content along with better calls to action.

As the barrier to entry for digital advertising continues to be lowered, brands that can afford the branding opportunities in print publications will see engagement and trust increase significantly.

Stepping aside from print media, there still is power in direct mail. According to independent research by the Data & Marketing Association, 79 percent of consumers act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45 percent for email.

A well-planned direct mail campaign can still significantly outperform most other channels of marketing.

As offline publications continue to innovate, they will need to achieve the similar targeting and demographic results that online media are able to execute. Magazines are already expanding more into the events and experience partnership space, by curating private events for hand-selected subscribers based on demographic information.

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