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Robb Hecht is a featured contributor to Do Marketers Have Room For Traditional Print Media in the Digital Age?.

Here's the complete contribution:

Given the pervasive consumer usage of mobile, print will increasingly become an activation channel for mobile digital campaigns. While QR codes and digital watermarks have been used to date, AR apps like Blippar will increasingly be used with magazines to bring print content stories to life by adding a digital layer to print.

Meredith is leading this brand productivity, as is Better Homes & Gardens.

With the mobile phone central to our lives, print almost becomes an added value physical channel that now needs to add to the story your brand starts in its social media campaign. Imagine starting a simple Instagram story on all your social channels and having a direct mail piece continue this story to your target customer – delivered in a personalized format (colors, bespoke offer).

The mailbox is a lonely place these days. Those brands that activate DM (direct mail) to reinforce their narratives, messages and offers will win (stand out) via a surround sound data-driven content campaign.

Print is still important because it has become an anomaly amidst our 24/7 social media posts and emails. Posters, brochures and DM pieces can all become "reminder ads" that call to action consumers with Facebook and Twitter handles and CTAs to text for real-time coupon codes in vital places your customers in on their daily path to purchase.

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