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Dennis Kelly is a featured contributor to Do Marketers Have Room For Traditional Print Media in the Digital Age?.

Here's the complete contribution:

Print marketing and production will become much more tightly aligned with corporate investment in CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Historically, print marketing has been thought of as a traditional media that operates outside of the digital marketing infrastructure that has been invested heavily in over the past five years.

For print marketing to thrive, technology will connect it to the core CRM and Marketing Automation tools that act as the hubs of all sales, marketing and customer-facing communications.

We’re seeing a tremendous increase in demand for direct mail automation tools that connect automated workflows from CRM and Marketing Automation with turn-key printing and mailing services. These new tools enable marketers to incorporate print into their customer journeys that typically involve email, social and digital advertising while removing many of the manual or semi-manual production processes that print marketing has traditionally required.

As direct mail automation becomes commonplace over the next three to five years, the distinctions between digital and print marketing will slowly disappear.

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