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Varun Gudiseva is a featured contributor to Predictive Analytics Deconstructed: A Super-Simple Recipe for Marketing Success report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Predictive analytics is heavily reliant on the data it can ingest to produce insights. Often analytics companies are sitting on a massive amount of data that is either unclassified or cannot be used for modeling, but over the last couple of years, we have seen a move towards cleaning up the data that is collected, which has resulted in stronger modeling functions. These accurate models will help us predict what consumers want to see at what time. As a result, predictive technology will evolve from just targeting to creative as well as site optimization.

Tapad's predictive technology product, Audience Magnifier, recently identified users who are looking for dating sites are most likely to sign up for a health planning tools. This is evidence of data being used beyond a singular purpose -- audiences that would previously just have been targeted for dating sites can be referenced for health-focused content.

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