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Donald Gallant is a featured contributor to Predictive Analytics Deconstructed: A Super-Simple Recipe for Marketing Success report.

Here's the complete contribution:

The future of predictive analytics technology is actually the fuel that powers it now: Data. While the digital landscape has launched marketers into the “Big Data” age, the availability and granularity of offline data is still in its infancy. Machine Learning and Deep Learning models rely predominantly on the data that feeds them. And, just as any human can only learn from what is given to them, these AI technologies can only “learn” from the data that is fed to them.

The challenge all marketers face with predictive analytic technologies is the answer “why?” Machine Learning and Deep Learning neural networks are currently at a place where it just sees data as, well, just data. It is only a matter of time before these technologies learn to conceptualize data trends and provide practical results, not just a mathematical result.

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