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David Keane is a featured contributor to Predictive Analytics Deconstructed: A Super-Simple Recipe for Marketing Success report.

Here's the complete contribution:

For the most part, predictive analytics has failed to deliver more than small insights into current behavior, as predictions often don’t have a way of translating to real action in the field. The emergence of machine learning and AI technologies allows these predictions to create actions that will change the way marketers think about the content they are about to create.

Salesforce Einstein, for example, can influence a lead score based on a machine learning model of prospect engagement with marketing automation materials - but stops when it comes to the human sales interaction. It just doesn't have the data to make meaningful predictions from those engagements. With further applications, this will be taken to a new level with all interactions creating true understanding of the why, not just the what. This will help sales people to know who to target, for what reasons and at what specific time and help marketing people better understand the exact content that will resonate with them.

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