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Nicole Bermack is a featured contributor to Influencer Marketing: Where the Tactic is Headed and Trends to Support It report.

Here's the complete contribution:

If you track the big trends having to do with marketing, machine learning and generation and targeting, it becomes apparent that AI recreation of influencers is a real possibility in the future.

First, we take the fact that right now it's possible for machine learning voice synthesis algorithms to recreate the voices of Obama, Trump, Oprah, Davie Bowie and anybody with a large enough library of speaking. While these recreations aren't great, they're very quickly improving.

Next we look at the advancements that NVIDIA has made with machine learning face recreations and others have made with facial and mouth movements. It's all quite startling.

Then we look at the trend of re-marketing and trying to make all marketing as personal as possible. The more niche and targeted marketing is, the more likely it is to convert.

If we combine all of this, we understand that there's a real possibility that enterprise organizations and influencer marketing agencies, such as Whosay, will license out influencers' likenesses and create personalized campaigns (as in speaking the recipient's name and key facts about the recipient) in order to better increase play-through rate and conversions. I believe this is a real possibility and something we're going to see within the next 2 years.

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