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Jon Cook is a featured contributor to Influencer Marketing: Where the Tactic is Headed and Trends to Support It report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Influencer marketing is already starting to change as we look at audience reception. The explosion of the coaching industry is leading to a cacophony of unvetted information for prospective clients. Who can you trust who has the right answers to inform and influence your next decision? As the coaching market becomes oversaturated, more people are already focusing on results and integrity. Can you produce the results I'm looking for in my life or business? And, do you pass the 'sniff test' for authenticity?

In real life (IRL) events will continue to surge with live video broadcasts as 78% of Millennials prefer experience over purchase according to Forbes. Macro-influencers (100,000+ followers) and micro-influencers (less than 100,000 followers) will play significant roles throughout the buyer's journey and will be integrated more into the entire process in the next two years. As one example, Business Insider states that Amazon is already in conversations with a select group of social media influencers to populate Amazon Spark feeds with sponsored content. The brands that succeed will be the ones that are the most prudent in influencer selection.

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