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Justine Beauregard is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

Email service providers and marketing automation companies are developing more plug-and-play email templates for their clients to use. Sometimes, we even develop our own for standard customer outreach or an e-newsletter.

But working within the parameters of an email template has its pros and cons. The good news is that email templates are quicker and easier to use than developing fresh email layouts all the time.

They also provide familiarity for regular readers to search for certain sections of an email that interest them most, which will positively impact click-thru rates.

The bad news is that we are forced to make our email content fit a design that may not always work. Instead of taking the time to create a usable template, we end up sacrificing the quality of our email content. Or we exclude valuable content that could have led to higher conversions.

The email templates we use can also become boring over time, forcing readers to seek different content from our competitors. Our job as marketers is to find a happy medium.

When possible, create a workable template for similar-style emails but be flexible when changes are needed.

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