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Victoria Sawtelle is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

Although it was once feared that the younger generation wouldn't use email as much as previous generations, that has proven false. However, the main difference is that younger people are creating separate inboxes just for marketing messages, or are giving fake emails when it's required to get access a benefit.

You have to earn your place in the inbox.

There are two lessons:

1. You should only prompt for their emails once they’ve had a chance to interact with your content. It’s awful to land on a site that I've never seen before and then I’m asked for an email immediately. I have no reason to subscribe yet.

2. Emails need to be increasingly targeted, relevant, and timely. Ensuring that you have ready access to accurate data about your subscribers is essential to targeting. For example, sending a Mother's Day sale email to your US subscribers in March is not only irrelevant, but it might send them into a panic.

You might also consider writing personal emails to your top customers who subscribe thanking them and offering them something special.

For campaigns you send en masse, you can use these best practices to build better engagement:

1. Make personal: Making your email more personalized and conversation can increase read rates. Just make sure you're prepared to respond.

2. Every email should have a CTA - even if it's a small one: Smaller conversions along the way (give feedback, download a whitepaper, etc.), gets readers in the habit of doing what you ask.

3. Always provide value: All of your campaigns should provide value No one cares about your new product unless it will add value to them. The data you have (so you send it to the people who will get value) and your copywriting skills (to articulate the value) are essential here.

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