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TJ Sanders is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

As consumers receive more and more emails, we’re seeing users treat their inboxes as a to-do list. While we see this enough through hundreds of blog posts about “inbox zero,” even Google is encouraging this with Inbox by Google, their latest email service that groups emails quickly into categories like Promos, Updates, Social and Purchases, allowing users to mark an entire category as “done” with a click of a button.

Gone are the days where users spend time reading all their emails. Now, it’s a quick skim at best.

But do marketers need to adapt to this? Sure, subject line testing can help. Slapping an emoji in there usually grabs some attention.

The problem is that focusing only on the subject line is a short-term solution. The very best brands will create email content that consistently delights readers.

This can be done in a myriad of ways, but it all stems from one key piece of advice: let your brand permeate every word and image of your email, from the subject lines to the legal copy.

One of the best brands that does this is a manufacturer of short-shorts, Chubbies. Through constantly changing friendly “from” names (imagine receiving an email from the Abominable Snowman), absurd subject lines (“SPRING IS SPRONGING”) and a more than liberal use of CTAs (“click this button,” “or this one,” “or how about this one”), they have some of the strongest open rates in the game.

Why? Because their subject lines break all normal conventions and their emails reaffirm the personality that their customers love so much.

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