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Susan Price is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

As a franchisor, National Property Inspections, Inc. faces unique email marketing challenges. To run campaigns that align with both U.S. email marketing laws and our franchisees' needs, we have to be particularly strategic.

Here are some recent obstacles we've faced when it comes to email marketing laws:

Unconventional opt-ins

Since our businesses offer real estate services, many of our franchisees pay a fee to join Realtor associations. These associations are made up of individuals who have also paid a fee, and in doing so, have opted into being part of a mailing list that is then made available to everyone in the association.

Because this method of opting in is unconventional, we want to be vigilant about the feedback we receive and strategic about segmentation.

A shared number of contacts

The vast majority of email marketing platforms offer a set number of contacts per account. Because we host a parent account with more than 200 individual franchisee accounts under it, we have to divide our limited number of contacts among them.

While we encourage being thoughtful about contacts, for those franchisees with a robust contact list, these limits can seem like just that — limits.

Compliance and shared servers

In the past, we've experienced a few setbacks with so many franchises sending emails from a shared server. That's why we're moving to a platform where it doesn't affect everyone if a franchisee inadvertently goes against industry best practices.

We're also refocusing our continuing education efforts on email marketing best practices through consultations and webinars.

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