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Sarunas Budrikas is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

1. Real-time, local and helpful

Sending a wrong message at the wrong time is almost the same as sending it to the wrong person. The way we write emails today will change as well because they need to be even shorter and more to the point.

There are still some people who write extremely long emails without any formatting and a really confusing subject line. It’s just a matter of time when people will stop doing it because it’s not efficient.

Think about your prospects and add value to them. Another thing we should keep in mind is that even today most emails are read by smartphones so in the future we will need to pay even more attention to them.

In order for the user to see if the email is relevant from one glance, it would be nice to add a small icon next to the email notification. Brands already create responsive logos that appear on different devices. I don’t see why email marketing couldn’t become more customized as well.

2. Increased security measures

It might become more difficult to follow your prospects and know everything about them. Everyone knows but nobody wants to imagine that your emails are probably read.

So there will be more “learning from experience” for the brands. Because even if the data is collected it might not be shared. So business owners will have to rely more on their own data.

For example, your fridge or car will pay close attention to you and learn from your behavior. Based on your needs you’ll receive email notifications to fill up the tank or go grocery shopping for specific products.

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