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Cory Smith is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

1. Consume and convert

Emailing on a regular basis to an engaged audience improves deliverability over time. It's pointless to send email if it's not making it to the inbox.

But should companies send email every day?

For each increase in frequency, it's likely that conversion rate will drop a little. But at some point that decrease in conversion rate (paired with the increase in unsubscribes) negates the positive effect that emailing more often has. That's the beauty of modern email landscape.

If you can stay ahead of rapid changes in the marketplace by testing things that haven't been tested, you will build a real foundation for scale.

2. Diversify and monetize

Marketers lose sight that they need to give customers value in their messaging. That might mean we sell more colors of this thing than anyone else, or our prices are better than anyone else's or our products are delivered by trained puppies.

Each communication should provide value to the customer. If the reason you're sending an email is I think I can sell more stuff with this, you're doing it wrong. The answer should be, I think our customers will learn X from this email that will make them want to purchase more.

3. The ROI of ESP

In the last ten years, companies have started to understand people's tolerance for email. And ESP's have become ubiquitous.

But brands should be careful. Some ESP's bill based on the number of emails that a client sends. You should find an agency/vendor who doesn't make more or less money based on that.

You want to figure out how to gain the most conversions. You want an ESP who is going to take a look at frequency and gauge if they think there's a tolerance for more email and then test.

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