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Alicia Williams is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

Here's the complete contribution:

We are inundated with ads, commercials and graphics that scream choose us, buy now, hire me! The relentlessness of email marketing has caused many consumers to simply select SPAM or jump to the delete button.

Yet with all the quick decisions to hit unsubscribe, we as consumers are still choosing to digest information via email.

Take a minute and look around you — 50 percent of people are checking their email on their phone right now. Email marketing is not dead — it just needs to be revived for the businesses to gain some real estate in front of the consumers' eyes.

The majority of online content is read via mobile, therefore keeping email marketing content short, simple and direct is the key secret!

You have two seconds in the subject line to capture your reader's attention or be sworn to the spam box. Make your subject lines engaging with a sense of urgency and don't be afraid to utilize emojis to replace words.

We are so worried about proper grammar when consumers are choosing to interact with brands and friends with modern-day hieroglyphics. The templates that you choose must be heavy in visuals and have very few text.

Utilize professional graphics to drive readers to click through to a sale, blog, event and that is where they can spend time reading the content — you don't want them to hang out on your email letter, there is no SEO in that!

A positive email campaign is distributed to those that first know about your brand, secondly, want to hear from you and most importantly, opted into your email list. Compliance to provide a value add to your user that choose to be a part of that list is imperative. Build trust with quality content and a strong email list!

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