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Alex Tarrand is a featured contributor to Email Marketing Metamorphosis: How to Make Your Customers Love Their Inbox Again.

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How marketers are diversifying their email content

The way that marketers are diversifying their email content is swiftly changing course. Today, emails exist in a technological landscape that is wildly different than it was a few years ago.

Forward-thinking marketers, as well as user acquisition teams, are considering how their emails interact with the platforms that their userbase is now leveraging — gaining a deeper understanding of how best to target their campaigns.

For instance, email subject lines are no longer just reaching the inbox, for some subject lines are being read aloud by products like Alexa Dot. These new mediums can have unexpected effects on user behavior.

Marketers should stay cognizant of the rising tide of a connected home as well as explore tech like deep learning to create churn and affinity models. Serving multi-variant email content to users is also becoming commonplace, with marketing teams running continual tests on subject lines/creative/and even cadence.

This experimentation can yield great results, just be careful not to test any variants that you wouldn't be proud to see out in the wild.

Compliance with email marketing laws

The biggest compliance law affecting marketing teams today is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming out of the European Union. Even if you're a US-only company the GDPR stipulations will affect citizens of the EU who are within the US.

It’s important for marketers to understand this changing technology as failure for noncompliance is steep: 20 million euros or four percent of your company revenues.

The important thing is understanding how the new GDPR affects you and your company. The principal components that you need to plan for: The right to be forgotten, notification of breaches, maintenance of processing records and the transfer of data in/out of the EU.

The ability to erase all user information on file at the drop of a hat is now critical. If you don't own your own email delivery solution your marketing automation system needs to be able to confirm that they are compliant as they are considered your Data Processor and any noncompliance on their part could put you at risk.

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