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Neil Shapiro is a featured contributor to Programmatic Advertising: A Modern Marketer's Definitive Guide report.

Here's the complete contribution:

I see three major trends emerging in programmatic over the coming years. First, when you consider the evolution of programmatic, it must be viewed through the lens that anything that can be bought programmatically eventually will be. Desktop display was first 10 years ago, followed quickly by mobile during the smartphone era. What we will see is the spread of programmatic buying and selling to emerging channels like digital out of home, connected TV, and ultimately, broadcast TV. Essentially, any media that can be digitized will be available programmatically.

The second important trend over the next three to five years is how these emerging channels will leverage real-life mobile and behavior data to inform audience targeting. For example, at Captivate we partner with companies that help us use mobile location and desktop behavioral data to understand what audiences are present in our office buildings, and then leverage that data for targeting our clients’ campaigns.

Lastly, the third trend will be increasing consolidation across the entire programmatic ecosystem. There are too many players competing for the same dollars while trying to compete against the walled gardens. Winners and losers are emerging already and this will only accelerate.

For the first trend, you don’t need to look any further than the work that Captivate, Clear Channel, and others are doing in the programmatic DOOH space. Other DOOH providers will embrace programmatic since it is the way that most audience-based video is now bought and sold.

For the second trend, multiple vendors are now bringing the data that has been available to digital advertisers for years to emerging channels like DOOH and connected TV to better inform targeting, as well as bringing location visit measurement and website visit measurement to media that has not had this in the past.

Finally, you need only read the trades to see how acquisitions, mergers, and companies shutting down or being sold for their parts is a preview of the increased consolidation that is coming over the next several years.

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