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Matt Garrepy is a featured contributor to Programmatic Advertising: A Modern Marketer's Definitive Guide report.

Here's the complete contribution:

The next 3-5 years will be evolutionary for display and programmatic advertising. This field of database-driven, highly targeted ad buying has already transformed the way marketers automatically place and deliver their ads across a wide network – and with more than half of today’s digital display ads being purchased programmatically, it’s clear that the future trend is continued growth.

When it comes to tomorrow’s marketing horizon, the name of the game is data. But how will it be used more intelligently? How can it be analyzed, normalized, correlated and automated with variability as part of the programmatic technology approach? The answer is machine learning.

While a far cry from SkyNet, today’s artificial intelligence is getting smarter – and providing a glimpse of the possibilities yet to come. As AI and predictive analytics become more robust and accessible across the marketing stack of applications (CMS, CRM, Email, Paid Ad Management, SEO, Video, Content Creation and Distribution, Social Media, Listening and Analytics), display advertising will evolve into a more dynamic and highly customizable web experience – automatically serving unique ads with variable content at every level based on user data and behavior.

We’re already seeing variable strategies being leveraged in digital advertising, but imagine a new kind of web experience where unique display ads are dynamically generated based on user profiles, automatically built from sophisticated data points gathered across the digital frontier.

The possibilities for testing in this framework are unlimited, as these hyper-intelligent technologies will gather, analyze, iterate and report with limited human interaction or oversight.

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