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Kean Graham is a featured contributor to Programmatic Advertising: A Modern Marketer's Definitive Guide report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Exchange Bidding vs. Header Bidding vs. Server-to-Server

Many thought header bidding would get eclipsed by exchange bidding and server-to-server. However, header bidding has only become stronger. As exchange bidding and server-to-server evolve, they will join the auction against header bidding in the ad inventories of savvy publishers to start and the rest of the publishers will follow to realize the ad revenues being left on the table.


The issues of transparency that plagues advertisers today will eventually be a thing of the past. Innovations, ad networks practices, and publisher disclosure will open the data flow through the supply chain. This will also uncover the middle-man ad networks that offer little to no value in the industry. As a result, the market will consolidate into a smaller number of ad networks.

Publisher Tools

Ad operations are still very convoluted for publishers and under-managed as a result. Ad operations are going to become more convoluted before they simplify. Publishers are becoming savvier and are able to realistically run an optimal in-house ad operations team.

These teams will be further aided by complementary tools that simplify and improve management of programmatic ads. As it is common for publishers to have an SEO and social media expert, a programmatic ad expert will be part of a prototype publisher team and these publisher tools will be their dojo.

What's Next?