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Chris Paquette is a featured contributor to Programmatic Advertising: A Modern Marketer's Definitive Guide report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Programmatic is the only way to scale advertising buys to a point where a brand can have effective omnichannel marketing. Part of being effective is the need to truly understanding the interests, needs, and value of the individual customer. Over the next 3-5 years, we will continue to see a tightening connection between the CRM/Point of Sale data and the DSP.

This stronger connection will allow marketers and DSPs to optimize towards a deeper metric that represents the true value of the customer: lifetime value. Using AI, DSPs will have the raw data to segment customers and optimize by offline, SKU-level purchase data, and store visitation, in addition to e-commerce sales.

When combined with dynamic creative, marketers will be able to zero-in on matching the right users to the most relevant message, thereby creating a seamless ad experience that truly gives value to the customer.

The trends all point to this level of sophistication becoming the norm. In addition to acquisitions like Oracle's purchase of DataLogix and Salesforce's purchase of Krux, agencies like iProspect and Merkle have done fantastic work building incredibly innovative award-winning campaigns that are piggybacked off of transactional CRM data.

These data points show that there's not only a business need for this, but that technology partners are putting their own skin in the game to get us (the industry) there.

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