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Areiel Wolanow is a featured contributor to Programmatic Advertising: A Modern Marketer's Definitive Guide report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Blockchain will significantly disrupt how display advertising is deployed and delivered over the coming years. The immutability and shared ownership of transaction data that are inherent characteristics of blockchain mean that it will be possible to have a far more reliable and mutually accepted record of who has seen a given piece of marketing content.

Many current solutions try to do this, but the data they capture is ambiguous, heterogeneous, and skewed by the technology choices made by both content providers and content consumers. Once a shared and trusted record of ad consumption capability becomes broadly available, media buyers will come to demand that level of accountability be factored into their pricing models.

The best indicator for this coming disruption is the amount of money being invested in blockchain advertising. There are at least ten active and reasonably well-funded startups chasing this solution, as well as some explorations being done by existing firms in the industry.

The mere fact that investors are willing to put up this kind of money is indicative on its own, but what’s really interesting is when you look at the kind of people and companies who are making these investments. These are people who understand the industry, its current pain points, and the potential of blockchain to significantly disrupt the otherwise diminishing value of online advertising.

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