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Greg Wolejko is a featured contributor to Think Outside the Bar: Expert Advice on Harnessing Data Visualization for Better Content Marketing.

Here's the complete contribution:

The proliferation of data these days means that data visualization is a rapidly expanding business. Data is constantly created by people, machines, IoT and other devices but it's only useful if it can be gathered, made accessible, interpreted and analyzed for swift action.

Data is not useful because we have it. It is useful when we have it or act upon it and do something different. Data visualization helps organizations to make informed decisions quickly and allows them to tell stories about data to their customers.

As more and more visualization technologies become open-sourced or readily available, a wider group of developers will be able to use them and create more tools for businesses and consumers. I would expect that the focus of some of these future tools will shift from how to visualize data towards what kind of data should be shown at a given time.

Over the next few years, I would also expect to see more solutions incorporating VR technologies. Virtual reality has great potential to help with visualizing complex data and can literally put consumers right in the center of the visualization. The technology is here already but we expect to see visualization applications grow rapidly.

As Head of UI at marketing technology agency, Cognifide, I am seeing a proliferation of libraries available to developers focusing on data visualization. With the ever-increasing computational power of laptops and mobile devices, the opportunity to create richer data visualizations will become more mainstream.

On top of that, VR technology is becoming more and more popular and accessible, meaning it is (or soon will be) viable to develop enterprise solutions on VR platforms. Expect to be immersed, literally, in data soon!

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