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Email marketing is a favorite among B2B marketers because it is easy to implement and sees a large ROI. However, many businesses aren’t getting the most out of their email marketing.

Check out these email marketing success tips and tricks

Write creative subject lines

The subject line is the first impression your customer has of an email. It is what entices the customer to want to read what is inside. Use action words and create a sense of urgency with your subject line. They should be short and relate to the content in the email. Customers are attracted to numbers, so when possible, include them in your subject line. You can apply this tactic by telling customers how many days remain in a promotion or mentioning a percent discount in the email. It is also important to avoid using ALL CAPS. These emails are often flagged as SPAM and sent to your customers’ junk folder.

Only email people who care

Just because a customer is required to give you their email address, doesn’t mean they want your emails. Sending emails to people who have no interest in the content you’ve created not only wastes your time but also your money. Work to curate lists of customers who actually care about your content. You can do this by giving them the opportunity to subscribe to certain email lists including ones specific to your products or blogs. For every opportunity you give them to subscribe to an email, you also need to give them a chance to unsubscribe. Having an unsubscribe button at the bottom of all your emails is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Segment your customer base

While some customers don’t have an interest in your content at all, others only care about certain content. Segmenting your customers will ensure the appropriate content is getting where it needs to go. You can segment your customers by products purchased, type of account, lists subscribed to etc. Targeting your campaigns to the right segments will help boost conversion rates and help increase click through rates.

Create a welcome funnel

Often, new customers are finding your site through search engines and other web pages. This means they may not know all your business has to offer. After they create an account or subscribe to your email list, send them a welcome email. This email should be simple and thank them for coming to your site. You can offer a coupon or discount code, but it is important not to be overly salesy. A few days later, send another email with more information on your company, including what you do and what customers can expect. This will help keep your brand in front of your newest customers and condition them to open future emails.

It doesn’t take much work to get the most out of your email marketing. So what are you waiting for? Start putting these email marketing success tips and tricks to use today.