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Marketing campaigns are the heart of business growth strategies. They get leads in the door by capturing interest with engaging content. Businesses have more power than ever to reach their audience via social media, content, and e-mail. But the numerous platforms make it difficult to deliver one consistent message to an audience.  The best cross-platform marketing campaigns are planned, created, and executed with one goal – to meet the overall business goals of a company.

Review these six tips for effective marketing campaign implementation 

Create an ideal customer profile

Knowing who you want to work with is the first step to successful marketing campaign implementation. Think about your perfect customer – the one that generates revenue and is easy to work with. Write their characteristics down to define your ideal customer. This information will help you develop content and promote your efforts to the right group of individuals.

Take on what you can manage

There are numerous methods and strategies available to businesses today to reach customers. Social media, blogs, websites, mobile apps, and e-mail marketing are just a few of the possibilities. Don’t jump into all of them at once. Taking on too much is overwhelming and leads to disorganization and chaos in distributing your message. Pick a few to begin and work to make them a strong representation of your brand before adding more methods.

Pick a consistent message

Define a goal for your marketing campaigns. What message do you want to deliver and what results do you expect? Use this to deliver a consistent message through engaging content. Aligning each piece of your campaign increases lead conversions and revenue.

Hold weekly marketing meetings

As your brand grows, it is likely your marketing team will, too. Typically, individuals are each responsible for certain aspects of a marketing strategy – one person heads social media and one leads the content writing. Make sure your team members are up to speed on what the others are handling by holding weekly marketing meetings. This is the only way to maintain your consistent message and hold team members accountable.

Nurture your leads

Marketing should never stop until the contact opts out of your lead list. Continue marketing efforts after you capture a lead’s information by sending nurturing messages. The more valuable information leads receive from you, the stronger your relationship becomes, and the more likely they are to say “Yes!”

Track your results

Implement ways to track conversions and where leads come from. Review this information after 90 days, and then every month so you eliminate wasted efforts. Investing more in strategies that work leads to higher quality leads that are ready to start a relationship.

Effective marketing campaign implementation only occurs when plans are created, documented, and tracked over time to determine which channels work. Make the most of your marketing campaigns by using these six tips.